The Palestinian House of Friendship is run by Mohammed Sawalha, who founded the organization in 1994 in Nablus, Palestine. Individuals help coordinate each of our programs, but most of these programs are predominantly staffed by volunteers. As an organization, we aim to keep our paid staff small to ensure that our funds are mainly going to benefit the children and youth of Nablus. We also have a group of supporters in the United States, called the American Friends of the Palestinian House of Friendship (AFPHF). AFPHF board and supporters help us raise funds and connect us to networks abroad.


Mohammed with three campersMohammed Sawalha, Professor of Linguistics, An Najah University 
P.O. Box 669
Nablus, West Bank, Palestine




PHF’s Governing Board in Nablus

  • Mohammed Sawalha, President
  • Yousef Sadeh, Vice President
  • Ahmed Mousa, Secretary
  • Wafa Madrouk, Treasurer
  • May Abd el Hadi, Director of Girl Scouts
  • Abed al Hadi Jawabreih, Technology Consultant
  • Radawan Sweidan

PHF Coordinating Committee

  • Peter Titelman, Chair, Northampton, MA,
  • Katharine Baker, Northampton, MA,
  • Sherrill Hogen, Conway, MA,
  • Fran Miller, Brooklyn, NY,
  • Gay Harter, Cambridge, MA,
  • Clare Sheridan, Cambridge, MA,
  • Sarah Sills, Brooklyn, NY,