PHF seeks to provide an example for all Palestinians of what it means to be a compassionate, democratic, creative, and loving human being, in order to create a state of mind and a nation-state that will guide Palestine into the future. We focus on younger generations, but work with all sections of Palestinian society. We are especially interested in working with children who have particular needs because they are living with disabilities, living in poverty, or living under extra distress because of the occupation.

While our programs may change in response to a changing environment, our goals remain the same:

Providing Recreation: Provide youth with recreational activities that affirm their right to childhood and give them an alternative to the war-like environment in which they grow up.


Preserving Palestinian Culture: Preserve Palestinian culture to keep our traditions alive and thriving. We also seek to engage the wider public with our cultural traditions such as music, dance, and handicrafts.

Fostering Democratic Society: Teach and foster the values of a democratic society to prepare Palestinian youth to become leaders in their local communities and abroad.

Build Communication Skills: Build communication skills through creative expression and language learning that give youth the opportunity to translate their experiences into various mediums that help them to cope with living in an environment under pressure and translate those experiences to a wider audience.