The American Friends of the Palestinian House of Friendship (AFPHF) is a group of people in the United States who are actively involved in supporting PHF.  We are based in the New York City area, the Boston area, and in western Massachusetts.  Our activities include planning and hosting an annual fundraising event in each of our areas, and searching for grants and other projects that will be helpful to PHF.  In addition we keep in monthly contact via Skype with Mohammed Sawalha, Founder/Director of PHF, in order to discuss his on-going plans for PHF and Smiling Faces Summer Camp in Nablus. Some of our previous and current projects include:

  • Connecting PHF with Playgrounds for Palestine which is now constructing a playground in the village of Asira al Shamaliya for use by campers during the summer and by children in the village year-round
  • Connecting PHF with The Advocacy Project, in order to have a Peace Fellow come to Nablus in the summer of 2015 to work with PHF on administration and management
  • Organizing annual fundraisers in the U.S. to support PHF’s work

 AFPHF Coordinating Committee

  • Peter Titelman, Chair, Northampton, MA,
  • Katharine Baker, Northampton, MA,
  • Sherrill Hogen, Conway, MA,
  • Fran Miller, Brooklyn, NY,
  • Gay Harter, Cambridge, MA,
  • Clare Sheridan, Cambdrige, MA,
  • Sarah Sills, Brooklyn, NY,

AFPHF Advisory Board

  • Lois Jewel Barber, MA, Co-creator and Executive Director of Earth Action ( and 2020 Vision
  • Cynthia E. Cohen, PhD, Director of the Program in Peace Building and the Arts, Brandeis University (
  • Dean Cycon, Founder and Owner of Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company, Orange, MA; Winner of the Nobel Prize for Business, 2013 (
  • Elliot Fratkin, PhD, Professor of Anthropology, Gwendolen Carter Professor of African Studies, Smith College (
  • Sut Jhally, PhD, Professor of Communications, University of Massachusetts, Founder and Director of the Media Education Foundation, Northampton, MA (
  • Michel Moushabeck, Founder and Owner, Interlink Publishing Company in Northampton, MA, and the Layaali Arabic Music Ensemble (